Sexy Dreams 3D

What is Sexy Dreams 3D?

Sexy Dreams 3D is an adult sex game for couples which supports multi player gaming for 2 to 4 adult players.

Sexy Dreams 3D is an adult sex game for couples which improves sexual relationships between couples. Play with multiple partners and friends at adult parties and special adult events.

Playing Sexy Dreams 3D

Sexy Dreams 3D is an adult board game based on popular board games where players buy properties and complete desires.

When a player lands on an owned property they can either pay rent or perform a sexual desire for the owner of the property.

Sexy Dreams 3D Benefits

Experiment with new adult sex toys you already own or plan to buy in the future. Use them with your new adult sex game.

Get to know your partners likes and dislikes sexually, and improve your sexual technique.

Create a stronger loving relationship between you and your lover.

Sexy Dreams 3D - The Adult Sex Game for Couples


Have More Sex, Tonight...

Studies have shown that couples who have regular sex are more happier and fulfilled. Sexy Dreams 3D can help to improve your sexual relationships by varying your sexual themes and increasing the amount of sex you have. Sexy Dreams allows you to try new and exciting fantasies you may never of considered before.

Try new and exciting Sex Toys

Sexy Dreams 3D has the option to use over 65 different sex toys for adults, combine these with over 30 different sexy interactions for some of the most exciting sex you have ever had with your partner.

sexy dreams game board

Over 600 Interactive desires for 2 to 4 Adult Players

Sexy Dreams 3D, the adult game for couples has over 600 adult desires which allow players to experience the most varied adult sex game of its kind. Players have the ability to add their own custom desires using the specially built editor.

Try the FREE trial of Sexy Dreams 3D for 15 Days

Download the free 15 day trial of our adult sex game Sexy Dreams 3D, try most of the exciting features from the full version. If you can't wait to play the full game you can purchase Sexy Dreams 3D for only $39.99 from our secure shop now.

sexy dreams desire

2 Mini Games within one Sexy Game

Sexy Dreams 3D contains 2 mini games (Sex Clinic and Kitty Club) that players can play if the land on the special areas on the game board. Rewards include money and desires but watch out for the forfeits.

1 Game Level
Limited Set of Sex Toys
Limited Set of Interactions
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15 Day Trial
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4+ Game Levels
65+ Sex toys
30+ Interactions
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